About me

I have been making fabric crafts since the 70s, started hand piecing and quilting in the 80s, and have been machine piecing for the last seven years. My pile of UFO tops are slowly diminishing with the help of my longarm quilting machine, an Ansley 26.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Finished UFO

Somehow, I overlooked this posting. In 2008, the Quilts Your Way forum had 20 ladies participate in a squishie swap. I have one completed quilt with 9 blocks to share. The second set of blocks, I just completed into a top and it will be shown after it is quilted. This beautiful fabric, is no longer available anywhere.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Candy Jars Wall Hanging

I realy liked this pattern when I saw it at "Quiltin' Cousins" in Pismo Beach.

I participated in a HGTV swap called All I Want for Christmas and one of the categories for gifts was titled Candy Lane. I thought the pattern and candy fabrics was perfect. I made the wall hanging, added a hanging sleeve to the back, and used some of my grandmother's black buttons for the jar knobs. I free motion quilted it, trying to make the quilting look like wood grain lines.

2007 mystery quilt finished

Finished a Mystery quilt from 2007 that I had only completed 4 out of 9 steps. I stopped because it had 64 flying geese. I had completed 20, so got out my "Quilt in A Day" ruler and went to work on the other 44 geese. Added a couple of extra borders and decided to use a thinner 70/30 batting so the top could be used as a tablecloth. It quilted up real nicely.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Longarm working again

Yeah! Sunday, I actually spent some time quilting two pieces that have to be mailed this week. At first the tension was off - loopies everywhere underneath - then I tightened the tension with 5 turns, and Wall- A! awesome quilting. I completed a tablerunner and table centerpiece/wall hanging. Both look great. Need to add binding this week, then I will be back to post pictures. This is a busy week but I have 4 projects to mail off. So I will be back with pictures and updates by the end of the week when all are finished.
This table runner is made with two 2 1/2" wide X WOF strips sewed together. Then, the two strips are placed RST on top of a 4 1/2" X WOF strip. Sew along both long sides as if making a tube. You take any ruler with a diagonal line. Match the diagonal line along one of the sewed long side. Make a cut along ruler edge (Your piece looks triangular.) Slide the ruler to the opposite sewing line the and cut the second triangular piece. When you open your pieces you will have a square. I sewed 4 together to make my center, two together to make the side pieces. Hope my directions make sense.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Work continues

Continuing to work on some older projects. I found a Mystery I started in 2007 with quiltbug. I think I sewed as far as clue 4, read "64 flying geese" and retired the project. Well, I dug it out this weekend and have been putting it together. Way too busy fabric for me but it is almost all together. All I have left to do is add the borders that are already pieced. This will definitely be a project I complete and give away. Will post a pic when top is done.