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I have been making fabric crafts since the 70s, started hand piecing and quilting in the 80s, and have been machine piecing for the last seven years. My pile of UFO tops are slowly diminishing with the help of my longarm quilting machine, an Ansley 26.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Longarm working again

Yeah! Sunday, I actually spent some time quilting two pieces that have to be mailed this week. At first the tension was off - loopies everywhere underneath - then I tightened the tension with 5 turns, and Wall- A! awesome quilting. I completed a tablerunner and table centerpiece/wall hanging. Both look great. Need to add binding this week, then I will be back to post pictures. This is a busy week but I have 4 projects to mail off. So I will be back with pictures and updates by the end of the week when all are finished.
This table runner is made with two 2 1/2" wide X WOF strips sewed together. Then, the two strips are placed RST on top of a 4 1/2" X WOF strip. Sew along both long sides as if making a tube. You take any ruler with a diagonal line. Match the diagonal line along one of the sewed long side. Make a cut along ruler edge (Your piece looks triangular.) Slide the ruler to the opposite sewing line the and cut the second triangular piece. When you open your pieces you will have a square. I sewed 4 together to make my center, two together to make the side pieces. Hope my directions make sense.

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